Car films Q – Dark Metallic
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Car films Q – Dark Metallic

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They are car films with the highest quality – Our Q metallic dark car films with strong mirror effect are car window films, car colouring films and colourful films.

Minimum order amount: pieces in 2 meters.

Anwendungsbereiche und Materialeigenschaften:
  • Two-sided sprayed covers create the colours of the car films,
  • They are almost opaque from outside, they allow you to see outside well from inside,
  • They are dark and have strong mirror effect,
  • They provide UV-protection over 99%,
  • They provide perfect transparancy.


The high-quality of those self-adhesive car films and car window films makes them applied easily. Those car colouring films and colourful films can be removed from car windows without leaving residuals whenever you want.

Of course, we provide the ABG Certificate required by the traffic authorities with the car films. The TUV presentations are not necessary.

(Please see the 10th article of our General Terms and Conditions for guarantee conditions)


Autofolien Q Metallic Dark



Sichtbares Licht: Transmission:   13 %  
  Absorption:   70 %
  Reflektion:   17 %
UV- Schutz:     > 99 %
Reduzierte Strahlung:     61 %


Window films are always measured as meters and cut from a roll.

Matching accessories for this product

    • Application set – Standard
    • Application set – Standard
      6,33 EUR(incl. 16 % Tax)
      It consist of a little scraper, a little cutter and 15 ml FMO concentrated application material. It is enough to eject the liquids with pressure for films up to 6 m² during application and to cut the residuary films.

    • Modificable premium scraper with knives
    • Modificable premium scraper with knives
      17,50 EUR(incl. 16 % Tax)
      To clean and remove film residuaries easily. Knife length: 10 cm, with rubber covers, durable and ergonomic handle. Security with knife protection cover. Modificable knives with sharp and blunt sides.

    • Professional window cloth wiper
    • Professional window cloth wiper
      38,94 EUR(incl. 16 % Tax)
      Wiper set for easy cleaning before film application. Size: 35 cm. They have a good cleaning power, they can be washed, they are light plastic carriers with water tank.

    • Spray bottle 500 ml
    • Spray bottle 500 ml
      4,83 EUR(incl. 16 % Tax)
      Demountable spray bottle to apply the films professionally 500 ml. 500 ml application liquid is sufficient enough for films in 1,5 m² in diameter.

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