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Buy low-cost window films online from our website, easily.

As, we have been acting as an importer and distributor for window films, sun-blocking films and vision-blocking window films since 1978.

We have specialized in car films, sun-blocking blinds and anti-glare films for glass or windows. You can also find the following products on our website:

You can order window films as pieces cut in the exact sizes, as running meters or as rolls.

You can buy sun-blocking films and vision-blocking films for almost all kinds of window applications from our website, online.

Protect the windows and glasses of your offices, living rooms or winter gardens from UV-rays in the best way possible. Window films such as sun-blocking films and vision-blocking films can be applied from inside or outside of the windows.

  • Category Sun-blocking films window films interior exterior and self-adhesive

    Sun-blocking film
    Window film interior,
    exterior and static
    from 11,95€

  • Category Kynar self-cleaning sun-blocking film

    Kynar self-cleaning
    sun-blocking film

    from 58,95€

  • Category Two-way mirror anti-spy film

    Two-way mirror film,
    mirror film or

    from 24,95€

  • Category UV-blocking film anti-fade protection

    UV-blocking film
    anti-fade protection

    from 15,95€

  • Category Vision-blocking film Opaque White interor

    Vision-blocking film
    Opaque White interior

    from 13,95€

  • Vision-blocking adhesive film with view protection

    Vision-blocking adhesive film
    with view protection

    from 21,90€

  • Category Milky-white window film in milky-glass optic

    Milky-white window film
    in milky-glass optic

    from 13,95€

  • Category Decorative film and design film

    Decorative film
    Design window film

    from 21,95€

  • Category Anti-shatter film, anti-theft and security film

    Anti-shatter film,
    anti-theft film
    or security film

    from 17,95€

  • Category Car window film and car tinting film

    Car window film
    Car tinting film

    from 6,95€

  • Category Sun protection Films for plastic materials

    Sun-protection films
    Films for plastic materials

    from 20,95€

  • Category Insulating film and cold-blocking film

    Insulating film
    Cold-blocking film

    from 24,95€

  • Category Anti glare film and blackout film

    Anti-glare film
    Blackout film

    from 13,95€

  • Category Anti-graffiti and scratch-proof film

    Anti-grafitti film
    Scratch-proof film

    from 34,95€

  • Category application accessories and mounting concentrate

    Application accessories
    Mounting concentrate

    from 0,90€ online application manuals – apply window films easily

The product range of our window film store includes a wide variety of films such as sun-blocking films, window films and sun-blocking blinds. We also offer anti-glare films, decorative films, vision-blocking films, anti-shatter protective films for glass or plastic windows and UV-blocking films. You can buy suitable films for different types of windows from our store online. The films are prepared in the sizes you demand. Applying a film can be a complicated issue for a person without experience. Therefore, we provide easily-comprehensible manuals for window films and car window films in the delivery packages. Have you lost the manuals we provided in the delivery package? No problem! You can find several application manuals for different film types online on our website. You can find the following application manuals online:

So a lost installation instruction will not be a problem anymore - you can find all of our application manuals online. Please contact us for help and advice if there are any problems with delivery and application of our foils.

We are also installing window films throughout the country for the best possible conditions.

Our services include installation of sun-blocking films for winter gardens, window films or vision-blocking films and milky-white films especially preferred for glass doors. Our window films can also be used as window stickers for decorative purposes. It would be a pleasure for uns to prepare an offer for your desired window films. We are servicing this sector since 1978. You can utilize our extensive experience for more than 30 years. With our years of experience we can not only provide you an attractive offer, but also offer high quality expert consultation services for your personal needs. Since our window foils are also available in cuttings with millimetre accuracy or as running meters as one piece, we can provide suitable solutions for each of the surfaces you want to apply our films. Here you will always find matching windows films for each desired purpose. We can prepare a special application offer for you with pleasure.

Lowering the ambient temperature with sun-blocking films – our current offers on

Self-adhesive sun-blocking films can be subsequently applied on glasses, windows and window glasses. Our window films guarantee to provide long-term vision protection, glare protection and heat protection for

  • windows,
  • fanlight windows,
  • glass doors and
  • several other glazings and light exposure systems such as
  • twin-walled panels
  • domed roofs and
  • round-arched windows.

Some of the offices are considerably heating-up especially in summer. Intensive sun rays getting in through the windows will result in high ambient temperatures. Self-adhesive window films can be a solution for such conditions. Our sun-blocking films will lower ambient temperatures. Besides, those self-adhesive films can also provide effective view protection during daytime and therefore also count as a type of vision-blocking films. Sun-blocking films will prevent insights from the outside through their special tinting or reflection and can therefore protect you from undesirable eyes. Some window films are also transparent at the same time, thus they can provide an opportunity to see outside normally. Some other vision-blocking films can also protect at night and block indoor lights.

Protect office employees through sun-blocking films and lower expenses.

Other advantages of our sun-blocking films for glasses and windows: Sun-blocking films for windows will increase productivity, concentration and comfort in offices. They can prevent dazzling and enable to control ambient temperatures without using air-conditioners more than necessary. Thanks to the vision-blocking films, your employees can work without being interrupted since they cannot be watched from the outside. Besides, employers will meet regulations for workplaces by using sun-blocking films on windows and glasses. Vision-blocking films or window films can positively enhance the appearance of buildings and sun-blocking films for windows will take away air-conditioners' burdens by lowering ambient temperatures and reducing energy costs in a considerable amount. In this way you will not only do your employees and your company a favour, you will also make a contribution for environmental trade and sustainability. Our mirror films provide privacy and, aside from that, also keep a transparent outlook. They provide the same non-visibility degree like classic vision-blocking films and also block sun rays at the same time. On the other hand, applying milky-white films will be more suitable when only vision protection is focused. Those vision-blocking films will stop insights and will not affect the general appearance of light and open spaces, because their light transmission is still high.

Car window films and colourful car films on – for a new look without lacquer

We can also provide you car window films, vision-blocking car films and tinted car films for car windows in order to enhance your car's appearance and match your individual desires. Do you want to keep your car cool in midsummer and protect your children from extreme sun rays? It is not a problem anymore thanks to car window films on We also provide a suitable solution for you to keep undesirable looks away from your car interior. Our tinted car films and colourful films are available in different colours and shades. Since our car films are self-adhesive, they can be applied easily and uncomplicated. If required you can also remove the films from your car windows free of residues. Similarly, we also provide you an opportunity with our colourful car films to completely change the appearance of your car without paying for an expensive varnishing. Advantages of colourful films for cars: They can be removed residue-free at any time. Thus, you can drive your car in a special colour without decreasing its resale value.

Buy window films online on

No matter whether for your office, your home or your car, on our website you can buy affordable window films online and benifit from our unique services. Regardless of whether you want to protect your rooms from high temperatures and undesirable looks, we have an accurate solution ready for you. Our experience in the field of window films since 1978 makes us a leading specialist for sun-blocking films, vision-blocking films and car window films. We can provide the following services if you want to buy window films:

  • Our own support hotline: 02203 / 61642
  • Purchase on account with 30 days payment period
  • Cuttings with millimetre accuracy
  • Buy yard goods in meters beginning from 1m
  • Up to 40% discount for rolled goods

Fragen und Antworten

❓ What purpose has a window film?

With a window film, the windows can be inexpensively retrofitted, e.g. for privacy and sun protection etc.

💰 How expensive is a window film?

The price of the window film is directly displayed in the respective product after choosing the desired selection (Yard goods in one piece, cuttings with millimetre accuracy or rolled goods).

✂️ How to install a window film?

After removing the protective foil, spray the window and film with a assembly concentrate/water mixture, then position the window film onto the glass and after that, scrape out the moisture again.

🧲 How does window film adhere?

Window films either have a glue side or are adhering statically.

🏠 What is the difference between static films or adhesive films?

A self-adhesive window film is adhering statically, viz. without glue. All other window films are equipped with a glue side, which is located under a protective sheet.

💧 How to clean window film?

Washing-up liquid or standard glass cleaning agents can be used for cleaning window film. Cleaning should be done with soft sponges or a chamois leather. You could also spray the window film and then clean it with a squeegee. Please clean the foil edges and the sides very carefully./p>

🛠️ Who can install window film?

If you do not dare to assemble the window film yourself, please feel free to send us an assembly inquiry. If the distance should be too great, the assembly can alternatively be done by a glazier, graphic artist or advertising technician in your region.

📧 Do you have additional questions or do you need advice?

- either call us: +49 (0)2203 61642 from Mo.-Fr. 9:00 – 16:00 o'clock 

- or e-mail us:

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