car window films - Application manual for car window films

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Application manual for car window films


  1. Anntennas installed on the windows (mobile phones, radio etc.) can be preserved when using window films covered with metal for cars and therefore they can have limited function.
  2. Please be careful not to damage the heating system or antenna cables inside of the windows by pulling off them suddenly when removing the car window films. You can avoid it by wetting the film when removing.


  • You need to mix the 15 ml FMO concentrated application material with 2 liters of water in a spray bottle before starting to apply your car window films. You can use dishwashing detergent as an alternative; however we do not suggest it since the adhesive material on the window film can turn white with it.
  • Remove the little dust and dirt particles with paper towels and application liquid for the preparatory cleaning of the windows. Always cleaning the windows from top to down.
  • Roughen up the template borders of the windows with a stainless steel pad in order to increase the adhesion power of the car window films.
  • Spray the application liquid inside and outside of the window to be covered.
  • Then wipe the windows, frames and rubber seals with a microfiber cloth.
  • You should not leave greases on the windows.
  • You can remove the stubborn dirts with a help of a razor blade or ceramic stove scraper.
  • Then scrape the cleaned window with a scraper wrapped with paper towels. Dry the window rubbers and ends with a lint-free clean cotton cloth (dish towel).



  • Spray the application liquid on the outside oft he window where you will apply the film. 
  • Take the car window film. The side with the transparent protective layer should face to you. Remove the protective layer slightly and carefully to check and be sure. Scretch the film with your hands and place it on the wet outside of the window.

(Do not remove the transparent protection layer yet!)

  • Spray the application liquid on the film again then push the film from middle to the edges with your bare hands. Scrape the residuary liquid from top to bottom.

Check the film to be sure whether it places firmly!


Cars with third stop light and/or adjustable side windows:

  • Draw the window you will apply the films on the film with a water soluble fiber pen.
  • Take the film from the window and cut the piece you draw with the cutter or scissors on a suitable surface.

Avoid scrathes and do not cut the film directly on the car window!

  • Hold the film to be applied from outside of the window from an edge carefully. Apply the tape as a single stripe top corner under the car film and other tape on the top of the transparent protective layer.
  • Be sure that the car window film adhered on the outside of the window.
  • After you remove the protective layer, spray the application liquid equally on the application side of the film.

This side of the film is applied inside of the car window!

  •  Remove the transparent protective layer slowly and carefully. Spray the application liquid while you are removing the protective layer; thus you can prevent them to adhere on the window togerher and forming wrinkles.

Never touch the adhesive layer since your fingerprints can be seen after application!



  • Spray the application liquid inside of the window.


  • Hold the wet window films from two top corners and remove it from the outside of the window. Scretch the corners slightly to prevent the film adhere itself. Place the screthched car window film inside of the window and place the wet side on the wet window.
  • Car window film now can hold on the car window by itself. You can correct the position by pulling the film on the wet surface. Then spray some more application liquid on the car window film again.
  • Now scrape the liquid from middle to the upper and lower sides of the window. This area deformed with the heat. Meanwhile keep the pressure as equal as possible. Scrape the film until there is no air bubble and liquid left under the film.
  • If there are wrinkles formed, you can remove them with a hair-dryer. Since those films are flammable, please use the hair-dryer from a specific distance an in the lowest degree.
  • The scraped liquid accumulated under the window seal, you can also remove it with a scraper (wrapped with a cotton cloth).

Then dry this area with a hair-dryer with the lowest degree.

Car films which did not shaped preliminarily should be shaped with a hot air gun then they should be cut into pieces in exact sizes. You need to follow the steps unde “Adjusting the car films” for it.


Application tip for windows with template borders

Keep working on the window films with hair-dryer and scraper until you remove the moisture to increase the adhesion power of the car window films on the template borders. 



Avoid the following actions within the first week after application:

  • Cleaning the covered windows from inside,
  • Running the back window heating system,
  • Moving the lowerable windows.

Please use clean water and a soft cloth to clean the car window films.

You may need to scrape the car window films with a scraper a couple of times later on the template borders to increase adhesion power.




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