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General terms and conditions

1. Validation scope

Our general terms and conditions (ABG) are applicable for all kinds of product deliveries provided by for all users (in accordance with the 13th article BGB (Civil Code)).

2. Agreement partner

Sales agreements are issued by:
Ali Atak Özek
Fauststrasse 98
D-51145 Köln

VAT ID No: DE263857420
General Manager: Ali Atak Özek

You can contact with us for your questions, complaints or demands in working days between 9:00 and 16:00 through the phone number +49 (0)2203-61642

3. Issuing an offer and an agrement

3.1 Displaying the products on the online store does not create a binding offer legally; they are just invitations for orders. All of the offers are valid “as long as the products are available in stock” unless indicated otherwise. Errors are not considered. 

3.2 When you click on the “Buy” button at the final step of buying process you order the products in your shopping cart by binding yourself. Immediately after your orders are received, the sales agreement sent to your e-mail address is put into force after we approve your order.

4. Agreement text

We keep the agreement text in our internal systems. You can always find general terms and conditions on this page.

5. Right of withdrawal
Users have a right of withdrawal in accordance with the following provision: according to provision, a person who signs a legal agreement related to a purpose which cannot be attributes to the commercial or independent business activities is a real person:

Withdrawal notification

Right of withdrawal

You have a right to cancel this agreement without indicating any kind of reason within the first fourteen days. The withdrawal period is fourteen days from the day when the products are bough by you or a third person authorized by you who is not the shipper. 

You need to inform us about the reason why you withdraw from the agreement with a clear explanation to use the right of withdrawal (with a letter, fax or mail) (, Ali Atak Özek, Fauststraße 98, D-51145 Köln, Tel.: +49 (0)2203–61642, Fax: +49 (0)2203–9095522, E-Mail: You can use the attached cancellation form, however it is not compulsory. 

In order to maintain the right of withdrawal, you can only send the notification of performing the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period is over.

Legal results of withdrawal
If you withdraw from this agreement, we will pay all of the amounts you back which we received from you including the delivery prices (excluding the additional costs for the delivey method different from the standard one we provided for you) within fourteen days from the date we receive the cancellation notification of the agreement at the latest. For this kind of operation, we will use the same mode of payment you used in the original operation if you clearly ask for another mode and we accept it. We will not receive any kind of additional amount as a result of this operation under any circumstance.
We may not pay back until we receive the products or you provide a proof that you send the products back, whichever comes first. You have to send the products back or deliver them within fourteen days from the date when you inform us about your withdrawal from the agreement at the latest. If you send the products back before the fourteen-day period, it is considered as you complied with the term. Costs arising from sending the products back are your responsibility. You need to undertake the responsibility for possible value losses are caused by you to unnecessary control of the features and functions of the products.

Excluding or cancellation of right of withdrawal

Right of withdrawal is not applicable for the following agreements:

- for the deliveries of the products cut according to the users’ personal needs or where personal preference or decision of the users for the products which are not produced before or produced especially for them. We always cut our products from 30.5 meters as a meter. We can send you the relevant sample upon your demand to enable you to control the products. 

Sample of withdrawal form

(If you want to withdraw from the agreement, please fill this form and send it back to us)

- To:, Ali Atak Özek, Fauststraße 98, D-51145 Köln, Fax: +49 (0)2203–9095522, E-Mail:

- I/we (*) withdraw from the agreement I/we entered into to buy the following products (*) / to benefit from the following services (*) with this form.

- Date of order (*)/ Receive date (*)

- Name of the user(s)

- Address(es) of the user(s)

- Sign(s) of the user(s) (only for the cases on paper)

- Date


(*) Cross the invalid one.

6. Prices and delivery prices

6.1 Prices indicated on the product pages include legal value-added tax and other price components.

6.2 Delivery prices are paid only one time not depending on the number of products you buy. 

7. Delivery

7.1 We can only deliver the products within the borders of Germany or to the EU coutries. You can find a table related to them on the “Delivery and delivery prices” page.

7.2 The delivery time is usually 1-2 days. Different delivery terms are indicated on the relevant product pages. 

7.3 We inform you about the delay if the ordered products are not delivered within the delivery term since we cannot receive them from our suppliers. In this case, you can either wait for the products to be delivered or cancel your order. The prices you paid are returned in case of a cancellation.

8. Payment

8.1 You can make the payment either through advance payment, immediate transfer, PayPal, invoice, credit card or direct debit.

8.2 If you prefer advance payment as a mode of payment, we give you our bank information and deliver the products after getting paid.

8.3 You have a right of set-off if your cross demands are determined by a finalized court decision or accepted by us in written.

8.4 You can perform your right of detention if the demand for right arises from the same contractual relation.

8.5 If you buy the products against an open invoice, they are delivered to the customer with the invoice. The sale price should be paid within the period indicated on the invoice.


9. Preserving the ownership

All products are under our ownership until the complete payment is made.

10. Warranty decleration

10.1 The films within the warrany period are changed by us if they have deformations on their structure and/or one of the following errors due to the material and production failures: Crack formation, fading, revelling, disintegration, removal. We change them by delivering them later. The warranty services do not extend the warranty period or form a new warranty.

10.2 The warranty periods are indicated in the description of the relevant product and they start with the date of the sale. The warranty is applicable in all of the European Union region and Switzerland. You can use the rights on warranty after obtaining the information about the eroor and within the warranty period.

10.3 In order to perform the warranty rights, please follow the following steps:

  • Please inform us about your demand by contacting with us through e-mail, fax or phone,
  • Then we demand a picture of the relevant error from you. You can send it with mail or electronically. You also need to sent the purchasing invoice.
  • Then we check whether you have a warrany right. If any kind of error is detected, you are delivered new films against the ones with errors. We pay the delivery prices.

10.4 The warranty rights are not applicable for the damages caused by the following actions:

  • Applying and using the films inaccurately.
  • Not following the application manual,
  • Using them harshly (e.g. scrathes, cuts, blows),
  • Unauthorized repair trials.

11. Legal rights based on the guarantee obligations

There are legal rights based on the guarantee obligations