Our insulation film and cold-blocking window film can provide up ...

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Our insulation film and cold-blocking window film can provide up to 34% heat insulation.

Insulation films, cold-blocking films and cold-protection films for windows and glass with very high light transmission.

Cold-blocking films and insulation films are only slightly coloured and glazed films. Window films for heat insulations are applied interior as cold-blocking films and insulation films.

Insulation films and cold-blocking films

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They are insulation films for windows with really strong light transmissivity and really low vision-blocking function applied from inside of windows and glasses. Those heat-insulation and cold-blocking films are slightly coloured and glazed. Those cold-blocking films and insulation films have strong insulation functions and can reduce energy costs and heating costs up to 34% depending on the window type. 

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Fragen und Antworten zu Insulation film / cold-blocking

❓ What does the insulation and cold-blocking film do?

The insulating and cold-blocking film acts like a thermal bridge and keeps the heat in the room. Thanks to it's light tint and mirroring, the film also provides light sun protection.

💰 How high are the energy cost savings through the insulation and cold-blocking film?

With single glazing, up to 34% can be saved by installing an insulating and cold-blocking film.

✂️ How to install insulation and cold-blocking film?

Insulating and cold-blocking film is installed on the inside of the entire glass pane. After removing the protective foil, spray both glass and film with an assembly concentrate / water mixture, position the film on the glass and then completely squeege out the remaining moisture.

You can find our detailed assembly instructions at:


🗑️ How to remove insulation and cold-blocking film?

In order to remove insulating and cold-blocking film, heat the foil with a hair-dryer. Then pull the foil from one of its corners. You can pull it longitudinally easily. After the old foil has been removed, spray Ajax window cleaner on the windows in order to remove the residuaries of the adhesive material. The remaining residuaries can also be removed with the help of a shaving razor or a glass scraper after a short time.

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